Saturday, December 1, 2007

What She Needed

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"L.O.B. did not sail up-wind very well. She needed more lateral resistance from the keel and the rudder is nearly rusted off again, which provided very little lift if any. The rudder was made of flat ferrous steel with no dimensions. I put a new rudder made by Advanced Carbon Concepts, complete with gimballed-bearing rudder tube. I also fared the keel in with a couple of different types of foam and lots of epoxy and fiber glass. All of this happened at the boatyard over the summer.

I was shocked to find this other All-American on the web. Check it out!

Another All-American 28


william said...

I have an ALL AMERICAN 28 4964 full ballast keel/ Inlove this little old boat!! I HAVE PHOTS !!!!!

william said...

its not a full ballast keel I thought itnwqas untill I hualed out. I have some good pictures if your intere4sted

william said...

I have a boat, I am told "champion 21" looks EXACTALLY like the all american only 21'. I am told a Mccune boat...which I am sure of. Looks a little like the victory 21, only higher freeboard, and cabin top JUST like the all-american. Have you ever heard of McCune's "champion 21"?? If you know anything at all, or can give me some direction, it would be MUCH appreciated before I start this total restoration Thanks